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Since 1997

?Who are we

SETER Security Consulting Ltd. was established in 1997 by former senior members of the Israeli intelligence community, each of whom has acquired approximately 30 years of expertise and experience in a diverse range of security fields.
The company, which has a staff of 25 employees, includes two divisions: one specializing in physical security, and the other in technological security means and cyber.
SETER is affiliated with the Homeland Security Academy, which develops and delivers training programs for security personnel and security managers.


SETER's clientele includes governmental ministries, municipalities, public and private sector companies, various types of sensitive facilities – including CCTV systems in the urban environment, airports, sports arenas, large industrial corporations, financial institutions, hi-tech companies, large commercial centers, shopping centers and malls. Based on its security experts' know-how and extensive experience, a customized security solution is developed for each client, meeting its precise needs in the most cost-effective manner – for example, comprehensive "Safe City" solutions, various homeland security solutions and more.

Expertise and Experience

SETER established itself as a leading security consulting company based on its founders’ and engineers’ accumulated expertise and experience in the field of security, cyber and in technological systems. SETERs’ professional know-how enables them to detect and analyze security gaps in organizations and sites, and to develop and implement customized solutions optimally meeting each client’s needs, based on a methodology developed in-house. The company possesses in-depth knowledge of most of the latest technologies developed in Israel and incorporates them into its solutions. Additionally, it maintains close contact with R&D divisions of manufacturers of technological security systems.

Main Areas of Activity

SETER provides consulting and contracting services dealing with general security issues on the one hand, and with data security and cyber on the other hand. The company provides specific solutions to specific problems and executes complete turn-key projects.
General security activities are broad in scope – covering the development and implementation of comprehensive physical security solutions for a wide variety of installations and sites, specializing in CCTV. The most advanced technical and technological means available on the market are utilized to maximize effectiveness.
Within the framework of its activities, SETER also specializes in designing technological security systems for urban areas, secured sites, communication facilities, offices, commercial centers, banks, etc. – including for banks' vault rooms, which include electronic security systems. The comprehensive security systems designed by SETER's specialists meet the strictest standards and requirements of the banks themselves, and of insurance companies.
SETER places a particular emphasis on threat and risk assessment, the development of tailored security concepts, the preparation of customized security procedures for routine and emergency conditions and security training of manpower at all positions and levels.

Security Services

In order to provide each client with the optimal security solution that best meeting its specific needs, SETER follows a structured methodology:

  • Analysis of the organization's environment and the site at which it operates
  • Identification of the threats and potential adversaries' modi operandi – Risk assessment.
  • Evaluation of the security gaps
  • Definition of security layers for the secured area or neighborhood.
  • Formulation of a security concept – response to threats
  • Design of technological security systems
  • Examination of alternatives and cost-benefit analysis
  • Planning of security systems’ deployment, preparation of specifications and plans
  • Inspecting and supervising the installation of security systems on site.
  • Preparation of security guidelines and procedures
  • Training security manpower
  • Ongoing supervision and control at the secured site

The steps indicated above have repeatedly proven to be essential to the design and implementation of a cost-effective security system meeting each client's precise needs. By following these steps, SETER ensures the organization receives maximal benefit for resources invested in security and is free to carry out its business activities knowing its security concerns have been met.

Our Team

SETER's team of security consultants and engineers comprises experts in the areas of physical security, with broad operational, professional and academic backgrounds. All our experts have served in elite IDF units.

SETER's experience, its professional capabilities and partnerships, gives the company the possibility to provide the client turn-key solutions at the highest standard.

Some of our latest Projects

  • Mall and shopping center: Petah-Tikva’s central bus station – 12 floors (including an underground parking, a shopping mall, a passenger terminal and an office complex).
  • Safe City: Old city of Jaffa. Investment and venture capital companies: Bank of America, Viola Group, Leader Investments
  • Advertising companies: Gitam BBDO head office – Tel-Aviv.
  • Law firms: Herzog Fox Ne’eman, Reinhold Cohen (patents), Yigal Arnon & Co.
  • Logistics: Ne’eman Tires, MAHA"M Technix Netanya
  • Sensitive facilities: diamond exchange offices, strong room facility (Mexico City)
  • Industry: Machteshim Agan (agrochemicals, 3 sites)
  • Food: Tnuva – dairy concern
  • Offices: Koor Industries, McKinsey, Ministry of Welfare (Tel Aviv), Shaldor, Mey Avivim water supply company (Tel Aviv)
  • Sports facilities: Netanya stadium, Petach Tikva stadium, Nokia stadiums in Tel Aviv, Arena stadiums in Jerusalem, stadiums in Beer Sheba.
  • Museum: The museum of Israeli art (Ramat-gan)
  • Strong Rooms: Design of vault and strong room solutions including protective security systems.
  • Consultants to the ISBB regarding installation of advanced CCTV systems in soccer stadiums in Israel.

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